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Receiver type R1155


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The  R1155 receiver dates back to WWII, and was famously used in the Lancaster Bomber, but could also be found on land and at sea. It comes in many variants, indicated by a letter suffix (e.g. R1155A, R1155B, etc).

We have been offering the R1155 full manual for free download for some years - here it is again, but this time in the more friendly Acrobat format.



On-screen viewing

A4 printable

Full manuals

 R1155, R1155A, D, E, M circuit diagram

 R1155, R1155A, D, E, M circuit diagram

 AP2548 Volume 1 Chapter 2  (15.4MB)

 R1155B, F

 R1155B, F circuit diagram


 R1155L, N

 R1155L, N circuit diagram


 R1155 component layout

 R1155 component layout



 R1155 parts list