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How many of us, when faced with an unrecognised "vintage electronic lump" we have just acquired, are baffled by an array of knobs and a further confusion of parts inside......and thus put it aside for another day until we know what it is?   The aim of this site is to make sure that some information is readily to hand - and hopefully this will encourage the preservation and restoration of more historic radio and electronic equipment.

VMARS has a lot of documents relating to all kinds of amateur, commercial and military electronic equipment. Many relate to radio communication equipment, but we also cover equipment used for other purposes, such as RADAR, IFF, radiolocation and mine detection, plus a fair amount of test equipment.

The On-line documents part of this website is intended as a free, "get you started" service. This covers as many different equipments as possible with the basic information you need to carry out simple repairs.  If you want something more comprehensive, then we can also supply complete manuals - a selection for the most popular equipments are available on this site, but most need to be ordered, and in some cases paid for.