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KW Vanguard


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The KW Vanguard graced many an amateur shack in the late 50s/60s.  Designed around the Italian Geloso VFO unit, covering 80 - 10m and officially modified to cover 160m, it provided 25 watts or more (10W on Topband) of high quality AM or CW. It was available in kit form or ready built and many examples still survive and can be heard on the amateur bands today. Early versions had no PA protection but a 6BW6 and later a 6AQ5 was fitted as a clamp valve.



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VMARS Newsletter Article (1) Circuit Diagram
VMARS Newsletter Article (2) User instructions (re-typed by person unknown)
Topband Modification
Valve Voltage Chart
Geloso 4/102 VFO
Review published in SWM