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Receiver R107


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The R 107 is a high grade general purpose HF communications receiver intended for use in vehicle or ground stations.
It operates with its own built-in PSU from 12 volts DC, or 100 to 250 volts AC, with an internally chassis mounted switch to change over supplies. An internal loudspeaker is fitted with sockets for headphone output.
It is a large and heavy set weighing in at 96lbs and measuring 24" x 13" x 17" deep.
Frequency coverage is from 1.2 - 17.5 Mc/s in 3 bands with operating modes of AM and CW. Associated with Wireless Set No. 12 and 33.


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R107 Manual #680 Reception Set R.107 Alignment Procedure and Performance Testing
#752 Reception Sets R107 General Description and Working Instructions ZA3220