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VMARS have decided to make their entire collection of E-manuals available to the world - free and downloadable without passwords. This will take a while however. Meanwhile a catalogue of what is available now may be obtained by clicking on the links below.

Only the manuals listed are readily available - these can be found on the Index of documents available online page - the intention is that they will all in time be placed on the site. We have other material available on paper, but if you ask for it (and we have it) we cannot undertake to provide you a copy in any fixed timeframe, because we simply do not have the manpower available to do so. If you are working for a museum based in the UK, then we may lend you the material (on paper) so you can make your own copy, however you will need to be prepared to pay the cost of secure postage from our archive and back. A copy of what we hold on paper is available from us on request.

There are now many sources of equipment manuals on the internet, both free and paid for and the standard of the material varies greatly, many providing very poor scans often in inappropriate file formats.  Whilst these are useful in some circumstances, the aim of the VMARS archive is to make available high quality copies of the original material.  Where the original is in poor condition this entails a considerable amount of work to produce a finished file that meets a minimum standard. For more information see Soft Copy Standards.  




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